How to use Bee Traveler to Jordan Tour Operator?
How to use Bee Traveler to Jordan Tour Operator?
Location: Jordan

If you are planning to visit Jordan, there's a right way to do it!  Why waste the short but priceless time you have allocated for the whole trip trying to sort out all tours possibilities and travel arrangements?  Where do you begin?

At BeeTraveler Jordan online Guide & Tour Operator you will find all the great tours available in Jordan, carried out by the best guides and staff. 

At BeeTraveler Jordan online Guide & Tour Operatoryou will find the most dynamic, advanced, updated & professional team at your service.

How to use BeeTraveler Jordan online Guide & Tour Operator? (please scroll down)


Do It Your Way - In this option you need to go through our BeeTraveler site, choose randomly the places & sites you like, store them in your own personal My Tour Planner - My Saved Items*, and once done & ready, send us your booking request directly from the personal My Tour Planner – My Saved Items!

Our team will orchestrate it all: bookings, arrangements & time table – once completed, the vouchers will be emailed directly to you (within 48-72 hours from request submission).

*To use the personal box 'My Tour Planner - My Saved Items' you must sign up!

Do It Our  Way - In this option you only need to choose one of our many fixed programs: listed in the Jordan Tours & Programs menu you will find a vast range of itineraries, sorted usually by Duration, Region, etc.

Once you set your mind on one of those programs you only need to send us your Reservation Form directly from the page of the specific tour and we will do all the rest!

At all times you can contact us by email or phone or by sending a Request Form. 

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